The R/O water system was cleaned last month to remove a buildup of “bio-slime”. Our water quality has not been effected by this contaminate but if not cleaned out it could have shortened the life of the membranes. In fact, the quality of KGC water is far better than most municipal water systems. Our TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is about 340; the municipal limit is 500. Many municipal systems, because of current drought conditions, are exceeding that limit. Another measure of quality is hardness. Ours is between 8 and 10 grains. Water is not considered hard until it exceeds 15 grains. Some of you have received solicitations to have your water tested for free. The sales person always seems to find something wrong with our water and tries to sell you a treatment system. Please be cautious of some of these sales pitches.

You may have noticed a washer screwed into the pavement near your home. This is not a monument to a recent road kill. It actually marks the location of some of the water lines.

Since the previous Board meeting, we have had to pull pumps at the lift stations four times. Some residents or caregivers are continuing to put something down the toilet that, when pried out of the pump inlet, looks like an adult diaper. Please spread the word that nothing should go down the toilet except body waste and toilet paper.

Reminder to all who go north for the summer, 1. do tell the office when you are leaving, 2. do prepare your property for potential storms, 3. do arrange for someone to care for your shrubs, beds, gutters and mold problems and 4. do check the business website for weather updates as well as news of what is happening around the Club. The website address is listed in the front of the phone book.

The place to dispose of bulky items, i.e. appliances, etc. has been moved from the area near the wastewater plant to the 8 acres. The new location is against the fence and just before the boat parking area. When dropping off items please place them in an orderly manner, not just dump them anywhere. If we are not careful, that area could become junky.

Sarasota County has instituted new and more stringent irrigation watering restrictions whether you use water from a public water system, wells, lakes or creeks. The watering days are still EVEN house numbers on Tuesdays and ODD house numbers on Thursday. There shall be no watering between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on your day. No landscape area may receive more than one complete irrigation application per day. Newly planted lawns may be watered daily for 60 days but not between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. For a copy of the full report, ask at the office or go on the internet to and type “water restrictions” in the search box. You will learn all you wanted to know and more.

The new Spa heater is installed and working well. The new pool heaters and the Spa heater are more energy efficient. We have seen a savings in the electric bill of approximately 50% in the last three months.

And finally! Michele has completed two general accounting courses and one course specifically designed to cover our accounting system. She excelled in her performance, finishing first in each of her classes. This week, our accountant stopped by and paid her a very high compliment on the condition of our recent financial statements. I think I can speak for the Board and certainly for me when I say how proud we all are of you and your accomplishments.

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