The R/O water system continues to produce excellent water quality. The problem we have had with DEP may be solved by our putting some of the reject water into the waste water plant. Our engineer will have to get our reject water permit amended to allow this discharge but this should be just a formality.

Again, we have had to pull pumps at the lift stations several times in the last month.

Most of our seasonal residents have gone north for the summer. Those that are still here be mindful that predictions are for a busy hurricane season. In fact, we there has already been one named tropical storm, Andrea. Today is a good time to begin preparations for a major storm. Stop by the office for helpful information on preparedness. Check the business website for weather updates. The website address is listed in the front of the phone book.

The place to dispose of bulky items, i.e. appliances, etc. has been moved from the area near the wastewater plant to the 8 acres. The new location is against the fence and just before the boat parking area. When dropping off items please place them in an orderly manner, not just dump them anywhere.

Sarasota County has instituted new and more stringent irrigation watering restrictions whether you use water from a public water system, wells, lakes or creeks. The watering days are still EVEN house numbers on Tuesdays and ODD house numbers on Thursday. There shall be no watering between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on your day. No landscape area may receive more than one complete irrigation application per day. Newly planted lawns may be watered daily for 60 days but not between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. For a copy of the full report, ask at the office or go on the internet to and type “water restrictions” in the search box.

Some of the projects for the summer include stripping and waxing the tile floors in the hall and activities room, resurfacing the pool deck area, repair the miniature golf course, activate the irrigation system in the common area to support the landscaping, replace one of the toilets in both the Ladies and Men’s bathrooms with the taller model in the Club House.

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