The BIG PROJECT for the summer has been the pool deck. The old pool deck surface had become very slippery. Last winter, we began the process of selecting a non-skid surface for the deck around the pool. The Board received bids from four contractors. After checking references and inspecting installations, the Board selected Webber Pavers of Sarasota to install 1” pavers on the existing pool deck and add pavers to some areas adjacent to the deck. The pavers arrived on June 20, 2007 and the project was completed in time for a Fourth of July swim. While this surface is “non-skid”, we do ask everyone to be careful not to spill or track any oily substance or lotion on the pavers. Be sure to shower before using the pool.

There are to be two canopies installed by Sunstate Awnings on the two smaller patio areas. Originally, these canopies were expected to be installed in six to eight weeks after the contract was signed. We mailed the contract and deposit on July 2, 2007. We requested that they install the footers for the canopy frames at once so we could finish the pavers. After repeated phone calls, very few of which were returned, we were assured that everything was on track. At this time t he footers are not installed and but the latest report is that they will be installed by this Saturday. The frame is to be welded together next week and painted the following week. We still do not know when the project will be completed. Sunstate is the company that installed the awning over the deck overlooking the pool. I have dealt with them at other installations before and found them to be responsible. We are still hopeful that they are just a little behind and that they will appear on the scene with the two canopies very soon.

We have added two new tables and 12 new chairs for the deck. Also, we have replaced the slings on seven existing chairs. This will provide seating for four around the tables under the canopies and three around the tables with umbrellas.

There have been a number of other projects accomplished this summer that will be reported on at the next meeting.

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