One of the two permeate pumps was replaced in the R/O plant recently. The new pump is operating 7.5% more efficiently than the older one thus giving us a modest cost savings. We have also made several adjustments to the system that should improve water quality and extend the life of the R/O membranes.

During this past summer, we have pulled the lift station pumps several times. Usually these pumps do not become clogged in the summer season. Either the usual culprit did not go back north this year or there is a new clogger in the neighborhood.

Volunteers are an integral part of King’s Gate Club. Their service not only helps keep costs down, it also gives the person volunteering a feeling of being part of something really wonderful. Speaking of volunteers, there is an opportunity for your assistance in the next couple of weeks. The surge tanks at the sewer plant need cleaning out. Just let us know what size boots and rain gear you need and we will fix you up.

Sun State Awning has installed one of the canopies. We rejected the other because it had the gables on the front and rear of the canopy rather that on the sides. The install job on the first one has some problems and Sun State is being notified by certified mail that they need to correct them and to build a new awning for the second location. It appears that Sun State has gotten the message since they are here today, Tuesday 10/16/07, to re-build the footers that support the canopy poles. Surely they will get it right soon and we can then enjoy the generous gift from the Round Table.

We did add two new tables and 12 new chairs for the deck. Also, we have replaced the slings on seven existing chairs. This will provide seating for four around the tables under the canopies and three around the tables with umbrellas.

The miniature golf course has been refurbished. All of the wooden rails and landscape timbers have been stained with a waterproof stain, the carpet and the border around the tee box has been replaced and new tee-off pads have been installed. Thanks to Rex Ingerick, Don Richmond and Jack Gregory, all of the rotten wood on the castles, etc. are being replaced. There is a new supply of score cards and pencils (without erasers) available when the new holder for them is completed and installed.

Rich Davis has been busy selecting additional plants to fill in some of the gaps in the landscaping around the pool and other spots on the campus. Thanks to Rich, Bob Curtis, Beverly and Khammay the Club property is looking very nice.

We are beginning to work on next year’s budget. If anyone has an idea for an improvement or something they would like to see added, now is the time to let us know so we can take it to the budget committee.

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