The programmable thermostats have been changed for the new schedule of the weekly reoccurring activities in the Hall, Activities Room and Book/Card Room. If your activity has been overlooked and The A/C is not working, please let me know so your activity can be programmed into the thermostat.

In the R/O plant, the pH sensor failed giving false data which set off the alarm. Harn R/O, our water plant maintenance company, replaced the sensor. There was no danger to the water quality. The staff and our operator did manual tests for the pH while the sensor was not operating.

We continue to have problems with foreign material clogging the lift station pumps. It appears to be something like Depends being flushed down the toilet. We will distribute another warning to each household shortly concerning this continuing problem.

Sun State Awning has continued to disappoint us. The one thing left open on the project is the fringe on the canopy at the northwest corner of the pool. They have promised Jim Purkey that it will be installed today. We’ll see!

Webber Pavers has finished the installation of the pavers around the areas damaged by the installation of the canopies.

We have re-graded two swales, one at 47/48 King Arthur and one at 127/128 Camelot. These two seemed to catch a considerable amount of water during a heavy rain and by allowing them to move the water into the lake more readily; this should relieve the problem of high water at those points and at drains further down the road.

We have recently discovered that the pool has a leak somewhere in the pool itself or in the piping. There will be a technician on property this morning to locate the problem and correct it. We do not know if the pool will need to be closed during his investigation. If it is closed, it should be for just a short period of time.

Speaking of the pool, earlier there were a few glitches balancing the heaters at the beginning of the cooler weather. Some days the pool was too cool and other days it was too warm. It appears that the water temperature has stayed fairly constant for the past several days.

The office is near completion of the preliminary budget package for the budget committee. It should be ready for the committee to begin its work soon. As yet, no one has suggested any new projects to be included for next year. If you have any ideas, please share them with us.

Thanks to all of you who have hired someone to maintain your beds and shrubbery through the summer. No one’s landscape was so neglected that we had to hire someone to clean it up this summer.

There was an incident at King’s Gate Park a few weeks ago where one of our residents had checked with some of the Park’s residents about launching their boat at their ramp. For some reason, the Park’s maintenance person confronted our resident and told him he could not launch his boat there. Later, one of the Park’s directors got involved and instructed his maintenance guy that he was out of order. Our two parks have had an unwritten cooperative agreement regarding the use of each others facilities that has worked well in the past. They as well as we want this to continue. If you do want to use their boat ramp, it might be appropriate just to let them know who you are.

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