The tennis committee has reported to the office that the Gazebo roof is falling in. It appears that one of the rafters has rotted. We have assigned this project to an outside contractor to repair the problem as soon as possible.

The antiquated computer system that is used for the entrance gates is full and can not program new Gate Cards or Clickers without removing old unused Cards/Clickers. Since we do not know what Gate Cards or Clickers are no longer in use, the office is mailing out a form that each owner must fill out letting us know what active Gate Cards and Clickers you have. On March 1, 2008, all cards and clickers not reported as active will be removed from the system and will be unusable.

Last month, we reported that there was a leak in the Club pool. It turned out that one of the return lines had a cracked fitting. This was repaired and while the pool was drained all of the return inlets were replaced. After the pool was filled, another small leak was detected. The contractor returned, patched the leak with waterproof epoxy and now every thing is in good shape.

The Water Plant is operating well. We were able to fill the pool from our own water supply without interruption to residents. A big thanks to Dick Lyford, Mike McDonald, Neal Crane and many others for their volunteer assistance in making this repair go so smoothly.

Webber Pavers has reinstalled the pavers around the pool that were removed during the excavations in search of the pool leak. They are truly a first class outfit.

We continue to have problems with foreign material clogging the lift station pumps. It appears that last week someone lost a pair of ladies panties.

Sun State Awning has finally completed the canopy project. Jim Purkey has negotiated a concession on the contract price. The discount is certainly not enough to cover the distress they have caused him and others.

This week, the office has completed the preliminary budget package for the budget committee. The committee will begin its work soon. A few owners have suggested projects and they are included in the budget.

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