All but about 30 members have returned their profiles and gate card information. Thanks!

The pool heaters continue to work well and are much more efficient that the old ones. Our electric bills are almost half of what they were with the old heaters.

We had our quarterly pool and spa inspection this month. There were no deficiencies. Bob is doing a great job with the pool.

The water plant is working well. However, over the last two weeks, the flow charts show that the water usage does not go to zero even in the early morning hours. This means that there are one or more leaky faucets/toilets. Please check around the inside and outside of your house for possible leaks. If you need help looking for a leak, let me know.

Good news! There has not been a clogged lift station pump in two months.

The search for a replacement for Khammay is going well. We have received numerous resumes and applications and the overall quality of candidates is better than expected.

The big range in the kitchen has been acting erratic. A technician from Tampa came down, found a bad rheostat and replaced it. He ordered three more and replaced them yesterday. He also checked the thermostats in the oven and balanced the burners in the griddle. The good news is that parts for that relic are still available and there is no need to replace the range.

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