The ANNUAL DRINKING WATER QUALITY REPORT for 2007 has been published. A copy is on the bulletin board for your inspection. If you want a copy for your own files, we will make you one. Also, there is a copy on our website.

Each public water system is being required to furnish more detailed water quality reports. We are fortunate to have the reverse osmosis system here. Our water quality is so good that we only have to report annually rather than quarterly as required for most small systems in this area.

If you have not met our two new employees, they are Debbie Soroken who is substituting for Michele while she is on maternity leave and Bill Nagle who is the replacement for Khammay. We knew that we would need two people to replace Khammay but our budget would not allow it. But we did find someone twice as big as Khammay. I think he will work out just fine. The first day on the job, a pump in one of the lift stations clogged and Bill was introduced to that experience. When he came back the next day, we new we had made a good choice.

Last month we reported that there appeared to be a water leak somewhere on property. Sure enough, one of the residents was having work done on their unit and the contractor discovered water underneath the house. The hot water line to their shed had broken under the slab. Often the only evidence of some type of leaks is the faint sound of running water. If you hear something like that, check it out.

The pool is being enjoyed more this year than I have ever seen and that is great. One thing to remember; please, please shower before entering the pool or Jacuzzi. This year we have found sand and small shells in both pool and Jacuzzi, apparently from a recent trip to the beach. The problem with this is not just the debris. Algae and other problem contamination can be brought to our pool from the beaches.

Please make sure that plastic grocery bags, newspaper bags and any other such items are secured so the wind cannot blow them around. They will eventually find their way to the lake and foul the aeration bubblers or fountain. Yesterday, two of the bubblers had to be shut off because of fouling and a couple of weeks ago the other bubbler motor shaft was broken because of a plastic bag.

Prepare for your return north. Please remember to remove everything from around your home and put them in your shed or inside the home. In a high wind, stuff can become airborne missiles.

Some time ago, there was a notice that an application had been filed for a communication tower in the area. I was asked to research the matter and register our possible interest in offering a spot for it in our 8.8 acre tract. Last month, T-Mobile acknowledged our letter and advised that they would let us know if they had an interest in that location.

A few weeks ago, a Blue Septic truck had a broken hydraulic line at the sewer plant. The hydraulic fluid damaged the asphalt so badly that the area will have to be dug out and repaved. Blue has agreed to pay for the repair.

I want to close with a story:

Our new employee Bill and his family were at the Fair last week. His 11 year old son was interested in buying either a wooden Jeep made by a resident or a tool and went back and forth between the two tables trying to decide which he should get. He did not get the Jeep. This Tuesday Bill walked by the woodworking shop and Vern Crane called him inside. Vern handed Bill the Jeep and said here take this to your son. (pause) King’s Gate Club is a very special place because it is full of very special people who do very special loving things for others. Sometimes we get too involved in stuff to appreciate just what this Club really is. It is a VERY SPECIAL COMMUNITY!

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