The valve exercising program got off to a rough start Tuesday. One of the valves on King Arthur Court was broken and had to be replaced. This necessitated a boil water notice for 28 houses in that area. The boil water notice will be rescinded when Sarasota County Health Department give us an all clear, hopefully today. We will put a notice of rescission on the clip of each affected house.

The good news is that we expected the project would take three of four weeks. The crew now says that it will be completed in one week. It appears that at least two more valves need to be replaced. This project can wait until later in the summer.

As most of you know, Deb Soroken, our temp replacing Michele while she is on maternity leave, got a full time job offer and left us. We have received several resumes and interviewed two candidates neither of whom be our first choice. We have contacted a second temp agency which is looking for candidates for us to consider. Meanwhile, some of the directors are answering the phones in the mornings and the office is closing at noon. Michele can do the book work from her computer at home and she will come to the office for a few hours each week to keep us straight.

The Department of Environmental Protection made its annual inspection last week. We have not received the report yet but the specialist was concerned that the flow meters had not been calibrated lately. A representative from the Florida Rural Water Association was here this week and checked the meters and calibrated them so we should be OK.

Since the last meeting, the company which maintains the fountain and bubblers had to come out twice to clean out the bubblers. He found fishing line in two of them on the first trip and found plastic grocery bags in two on the second trip. Please do not use the lake as a depository for fishing line or plastic bags.

The pump motor for the pool failed Monday. We had a spare in stock and are getting the old one rebuilt.

The blower for the waste water plant failed Monday also. The plant has back-up systems which were brought on line and all is well there.

Last month we reported that there was a broken water line under the slab going to the shed. Since then, another house had the exact same problem. As we said before, often the only evidence of some type of leaks is the faint sound of running water. If you hear something like that, check it out.

Prepare for your return north. Let the office know when you are leaving so we know how to contact you in the event of some emergency. Also, please remember to remove everything from around your home and put them in your shed or inside the home. In a high wind, stuff can become airborne missiles.

The damaged asphalt at the waste water plant has been replaced and paid for by Blue Septic.

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