• Planned Summer Projects: • We have received the report from the Department of Environmental Protection inspection. The following “Out of Compliance” items were noted: • There may still be a few residents that will be returning to their northern homes. In the office there is a packet of helpful information for closing up your home and for emergency preparedness. Stop by and pick up a copy. While you are away, keep up with the Club through our business website, There will be photographs of interesting summer projects that you might want to follow. The site is updated regularly, sometimes daily, especially during hurricane season with weather information. If you have any suggestions for content for the site, please let the manager know.

• There was a broken hydraulic line at the trash compactor recently. Waste Management has attempted to clean it up. If the asphalt deteriorates as it did from the Blue Septic spill, then we will have WM pay for the repair.

• Our landscape contract was awarded to Nanak’s Landscaping. They will begin servicing our property effective June 1, 2008. Nanak’s is a large company with regional offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa and recently has located a regional office in Sarasota. Three of Greenscape’s former employees, whom I respect highly, are leaders in the operation. There will most likely be hiccups in the beginning but we are expecting an improvement in performance once their crews become familiar with the property. As with Greenscape, if you have a problem, come by the office and register your complaint.

• If you have not been by the office lately, please stop in and meet Patricia Tucker. While Michele is out on maternity leave. Trish is in charge of our front office and is doing a great job.

• The clearing of the Brazilian Pepper trees on I-75 right-of-way has opened up access from I-75 to our 8 acre tract. The maintenance guys have extended the chain link fence across the opening to cover the vulnerable spot.

• One of our residents told us of an A/C company that has been doing work in the Club. His experience with them was a nightmare. I won’t go into details but if you need help with your A/C system or any other work around your home, please make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Ask for references and check them out.

• There have been resident complaints about the algae in the lake. Florida Aquatics, the company that manages our lake suggested that the problem was because the lake was too shallow. This allowed the sun to cause rapid algae growth on the bottom. They suggested a company that could help with the problem. I contacted the company and asked them to give us information on algae mitigation. The owner of the company came to the Club, inspected the problem and suggested digging out the shallow corners of the lake. He sent us a bid for this work in the amount of approximately $16,000 per corner. This project has been turned over to the long range planning committee for further action. Meanwhile Florida Aquatics has been putting a dye in the water to help shade the lake bottom and thus slow the growth of algae.

• After the pool was refilled last summer, the Krystal Krete surface began to deteriorate in small patches. A technician from the manufacturer is supposed to be here today to inspect the situation. Hopefully the cure can be a simple one.

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