• The 2009/2010 Operating Budget is nearing completion. On February 2, 2009, the final draft will be mailed to all residents for their review and comment. The Budget Committee will hold a meeting on February 26, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. in the clubhouse for anyone who has questions about the proposed budget. On Thursday March 5, 2009, there will be a Special Membership Meeting to vote on pooling the reserve accounts and waiving the requirement for a financial audit for F/Y 2008/09. It will be followed by a Board of Directors meeting to discuss and adopt the 2009/2010 operating budget.

• The R/O membranes in the water plant were beginning to show increased pressures. This indicated that they are becoming fouled and needed to be cleaned. The company that installed the system has performed the cleaning but the results were not as good as desired. Further testing is being done to see if any of the membranes need to be replaced.

• There was concern that Well #2, located at the miniature golf course, might not be able to produce enough water to supply the club’s needs should something happen to Well #1. A draw down test on Well #2 was performed in early December. The results were good and it appears that it would be able to supply enough water to run the system even in season.

• The maintenance crew, both volunteer and paid, replaced both pumps in the lift station near the I75 wall. Since then the WWTP and lift stations have been operating well with only minor maintenance.

• Our insurance company has required the club to install GFI circuit breakers or GFI receptacles where needed (outside the buildings and inside within six feet of water). Bill Nagle, one of our maintenance personnel, has completed this project. If you have trouble using these outlets, please let the office know.

• Beverly Gulsby, our custodian, will have surgery Friday morning. She will be out for up to eight weeks. Ricardo Perez is taking her place while she is recovering. When you see Ricardo, give him a warm welcome. He is doing an excellent job so far.

• You may have noticed that Nanak Lawn Service has a new schedule for mowing. They have brought in three crews and are completing the work in one day rather than in three days. As always, if you have any problem with their service, please let the office know.

• The old ice machine died a few days ago. A new one has been installed that has almost twice the capacity of the old one.

• Board of Directors Meeting Schedule:

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