• A reminder! The 2009/2010 Operating Budget Draft was mailed to all residents on February 2, 2009, for their review and comment. The Budget Committee will hold a meeting on February 26, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. in the clubhouse for anyone who has questions about the proposed budget. On Thursday March 5, 2009, there will be a Special Membership Meeting to vote on pooling the reserve accounts and waiving the requirement for a financial audit for F/Y 2008/09. It will be followed by a Board of Directors meeting to discuss and adopt the 2009/2010 operating budget.

• Harn R/O, our water plant maintenance company, has not yet made a recommendation on the proper cure for the higher pressures across the membranes. Last week the pressures made a sudden jump again. In all likelihood, the membranes in at lease one of the four vessels will have to be replaced.

• The #1 well pump motor contactor failed over the weekend. The system ran adequately with only well #2 operating.

• Please note that in spite of the aforementioned problems the system has encountered, the water quality has remained excellent.

• You may have noticed that the row of hedges between the Club’s entrance roadway and the Park’s boat storage area has been trimmed. After the robbery at the Park, the marina committee asked the Club for permission to trim back some of the overgrown brush that was in the hedge so they could light up the area better. Bob and Bill cut down the bottle brush trees and pepper trees and the Park residents removed the material to their dumpsters. What is left is viburnum – a desirable hedge material. Nanak’s will begin a pruning/fertilization program to speed up the growth and may put in a few additional plants to create the desired screen effect.

• During the regularly scheduled maintenance on the Club’s A/C systems, several problems were discovered with four of the units in the Clubhouse and the one in the shower room. Three of the units may have to be replaced. The other two were repaired. Hopefully, this will solve some of the problems that we have recently experienced. Of course, the cost of these replacements are covered by the reserve account

• The existing steel rails around the walkways at the WWTP had deteriorated to the point of being dangerous. New aluminum hand rails will be delivered today and installed by our maintenance staff.

• Beverly Gulsby, our custodian, has been out recovering from surgery for 3˝ weeks. She is back now, working half days until she is strong enough to go full time.

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