• Lake Report
  • 1. Carp – This Fall, Aquatic Systems will put the grass eating carp in the lake. This should really help with weed growth and reduce some of the chemical treatment that has been applied through the summer.

  • 2. SolarBee vs. Aeration System – The Board met last month and voted to discontinue using the SolarBee equipment. As a replacement for circulation and oxygenation of the lake water, the Board will consider a proposal later under New Business.

  • The Summer Projects
  • 1. Pool Handrails were added as an assist to our residents for entering and exiting the pool. At the same time this was being done, the six old pool filters were replaced with two multi-cartridge filter canisters. These new filters make cleaning them much easier and quicker. A new pool pump impeller was installed. This increased the flow to the pool and the heaters. The piping to the pool developed a leak and finding and repairing it took over a month. Today the Pool and Spa are operating just fine.

  • 2. Another project was to refurbish the Clubhouse Hall. This included painting the interior of the Hall and the bathrooms, adding blinds and valences for the windows. Thanks to Round Table and King’s Gate Realty for funding these improvements. The old floor tiles were once again stripped and waxed. You may have noticed the old toilets in the clubhouse have been replaced with comfort height toilets and handrails have been installed.

  • 3. The roofs on the water plant, Activities/Book & Game, and shower buildings were repaired and recoated. The roofs over the shuffleboard courts were replaced.

  • 4. New A/C units for the Book & Game Room & Fitness Room were installed.

  • 5. The Tennis Gazebo has been refurbished by replacing the rotted wood and lattice. The roof has been patched and a wood preservative was applied to it.

  • 6. As had been discussed last spring, the gate between KGC and KGP was replaced with an aluminum gate and fencing. Also a fence was installed on the west side of our entrance road.

  • 7. Speaking of gates, someone ran into the exit gate last month causing one side of the gates to jam. This resulted in damage to the gate structure as well as to some of the electronics.

  • 8. Due to some theft of tools and supplies from the Maintenance Shop an overhead door closer was installed so that the door could be easily opened and closed. It is now kept closed and the passenger door locked when the shop in not occupied. Also, an A/C unit has been installed in the shop.

  • 9. The hedge at the southeastern end of the main campus has been removed and replaced with Sylvester Palms, and ornamental shrubs. Comments have been positive.

  • 10. To provide water to these new plantings the old irrigation system has been reactivated. Locating the missing zoning valves became a major project. Then repairing the broken sprinkler heads was just as time consuming. But now the system is operational and functioning properly. This will enable us to maintain the turf and plantings through the dry periods, thus keeping our campus looking good.
  • 11. The street and parking lines were touched up and the STOP markings are being repainted.

  • 12. All exterior unpainted wood on the benches, decking and stairs have been resealed. The benches at the shuffleboard courts were totally repainted.

  • 13. The pressures in the R/O membranes in the water plant were increasing which indicated fouling. All membranes were replaced and the old ones were sent to the manufacturer to be cleaned and returned. These can be reused the next time replacement is necessary.
  • 14. The floors in the Spa & Ladies Shower Room were repainted.

  • 15. The waste water treatment plant has a new operator. Her name is Anne Hazell and she is doing a good job for us there.

  • • 318 Castle – McMaster – Once again, at the last minute, we received a check for the past due maintenance fees and other expenses. We do not understand why the family doesn’t just sell the property and avoid these ongoing problems with penalties interest and legal costs.

    • 241 Barons – Fels – The foreclosure process had been completed and the property now belongs to the Club at least until the bank forecloses on its mortgage. We can rent the unit and apply the proceeds to the expenses and maintenance fees until the bank does take it.

    • 8 Acres – There was a recent news article about Publix and some Medical Offices locating at the intersection of Pinebrook and Laurel Roads. In the article, there was mention that the County would “punch through Honore Ave to Laurel Road”, beginning in 2013 and completing in 2014. We’ll see!

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