• The Pool continues to operate properly. All of the leaks seem to have been repaired. For those of you interested, there is a new thermometer in the pool now.

• The walkway to the tennis gazebo and restrooms and the floor of the gazebo will be painted soon. Our staff will try to find a time 00when those areas are not being used so as not to inconvenience the players.

• The gate between KGC and KGP has been open most of the time since it was installed. For a while, their gates were open until 7:00 p.m. while ours were closed at 6:00 p.m. President Jim spoke with their president and now both gates close at 6:00 p.m. We have learned that a STOP sign is needed to warn those coming from the Park to the Club to be very careful when entering our property. It is difficult to see cars entering from the left. We now have the sign and it will be put in place shortly.

• 241 Barons –The unit is rented for January through March and we are looking for someone for the months of December and April. The balance owed to Realty is now down to around $5,000 and should be paid out this season.

• 8 Acres – As mentioned last month regarding the recent news article about Publix and some Medical Offices locating at the intersection of Pinebrook and Laurel Roads, we wondered if we would hear from the County about the purchase of a portion of the 8 acre tract we own. The article mentioned that the County would “punch through Honore Ave to Laurel Road”, beginning in 2013 and completing in 2014. We asked our condemnation attorney if he had heard anything from the County. His comment was that he had no news and did not believe the County had the funds to complete the purchase at this time.

• The waste water treatment plant is operating properly. A representative from Florida Rural Water Association, of which we are members, visited us yesterday to go over flow meter calibration. That organization has been a valuable resource for both our drinking water and waste water treatment plants.

• The plantings on the wall that the Board approved last month will commence soon. Hazeltine Nurseries was awarded the contract. They were the low bidder with better quality plant material.

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