Lake Report:

1. The Grass Carp were put in the lake three weeks ago. Aquatic Systems will continue to chemical treat any algal growth that occurs. Since introducing the carp to the lake the algae appears to be diminishing.

2. The Vertex Aeration System was installed about a month ago. Recent test of the dissolved oxygen in the lake water showed a level of 9 mg/L, which is over twice the permitted minimum limit.

The Spa has been vandalized on five occasions recently. The pool fountain has also been vandalized. We contacted our attorney, Kevin Wells, to see if video cameras could be used to discourage repeated events. He said that if there was a safety or security problem, using video cameras was not against the law. Since we are concerned that someone has been putting some foreign chemical into the pool, there could be a health risk to our residents. Therefore, the Board has instructed me to get bids for the installation of appropriate video recording equipment for both the Spa and the Pool. An agenda item under new business will address this issue.

The walkway to the tennis gazebo and restrooms and the floor of the gazebo will be painted next week.

A STOP sign has been installed at the gate between KGC and KGP. When the staff repaints the STOP signs and lines on the pavements, they will also paint a new STOP sign and line at the Gate.

241 Barons –The ad-valorum taxes on unit 241, the former Fels property, were delinquent and subject to the County issuing a tax deed to the person that had bought the tax certificate on the property. When the Club was awarded the temporary title, subject to the mortgage, the delinquency showed against KGC. The Club has now paid the past due and current taxes.

The McMasters’ family is continuing to ignore the billings and by the end of January, if no funds are received, we will need to proceed with a Notice to Lien. The Board will address this issue under New Business.

8 Acres – We have heard nothing from the County regarding their condemnation of a portion of this parcel. Our condemnation attorney says that the County has not yet appropriated the funds to make the purchase. We will continue to watch this closely.

The Drinking Water Plant has experienced some minor problems that resulted in our having to issue the precautionary boil water notices. We have said the water plant has been upgraded and is in no way at risk of violating the Health Department regulations. That remains true. The costs of making the recent repairs have been minor and are considered routine maintenance.

The battery in the AED at the Tennis Courts is weak and a replacement has been ordered. Meanwhile, the old battery has been unplugged from the unit but it has enough power for several uses and can be reinstalled if needed.

A representative from FPL will make a presentation to KGC on the Smart Meter at the Saturday morning meeting on February 9th. I trust that we will welcome him as an invited guest and we will be courteous and civil especially during the Q&A time.

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