Lake Report

1. Carp – The Grass Carp were put in the lake several weeks ago. Aquatic Systems will continue chemical treatment for any algal growth that occurs. Since introducing the carp to the lake the algae appears to be diminishing.

2. The Vertex. Aeration System was installed about a month ago. Recent tests of the dissolved oxygen in the lake water showed levels of 8 – 9 mg/L, which is substantially over the permitted minimum limit of 5 mg/L.

3. The new Drinking Water Plant Permit requires daily testing of the discharge water from the lake. We are testing for Flow Rate, pH and Dissolved Oxygen levels. If the Lake is not discharging, no tests are required.

The Spa – the cameras are in and working properly.

The walkway to the tennis gazebo and restrooms and the floor of the gazebo have now been painted.

318 McMasters – Once again, the family has not responded to their obligation to keep the account current. This matter will be turned over to our attorney for collection this week.

241 Barons – We are continuing to negotiate with Wells Fargo Bank, the current holder of the mortgage on the unit, to buyout the mortgage and take full title to the unit. So far, we think we are within one or two people of talking to the real decision maker. Bucking their bureaucracy requires a lot of patience and persistence. Meanwhile, the unit is being rented and the rentals are repaying the expenses and past due balances.

The fence at WWTP has deteriorated badly and will be replaced. USAFence Company has given the Club the lowest bid which is $4,000.00

The sidewalks as well as the bridge surface have been cleaned.

8 Acres – We have heard nothing from the County regarding their condemnation of a portion of this parcel. Our condemnation attorney says that the County has not yet appropriated the funds to make the purchase. We will continue to watch this closely.

The Drinking Water Plant and WWTP are operating properly and are keeping up with the peak demand for water and waste water treatment at this time of the year.

The battery in the AED at the Tennis Court has been ordered but has not yet arrived. If the AED is needed, the old battery is inside the compartment and still has enough power to be used nine times.

Twelve chaise lounges were repaired and placed back on the pool deck this past Sunday. It has been suggested that the Club should purchase 6 new chairs and 6 new chaise lounges. This matter will be discussed under New Business later in the meeting.

The Bridge was inspected earlier this week. Preliminary verbal reports were positive. The final report should be to us in a week. Since the structural work was done about a year ago, there should be only very minor issues in the report.

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