Lake Report

Last month, I reported that the quarterly lab report from Sanders Labs for the Lake itself and from its discharge into Salt Creek had test results that were way out of line. The retest by Sanders reported results more in line with what should be expected. The other labs results were in line with Sanders’ retested results.

• Palm trees are causing paving problems at 241 and at the north tennis court. It is a shame that these trees have to be removed; but because of the damage their roots are causing, we have no choice except to remove them. The Board will deal with this in New Business.

• Summer Projects schedule – Dick Lyford, Tom Wiegele and I inspected the buildings, grounds and other parts of the campus last week in order to create a list of work projects for this summer. Most of the work will be tending to minor repairs and replacements.

• Ron Webber from Webber Pavers came to the Club Tuesday to inspect the condition of the pavers on the pool deck. Hopefully, we will be able to clean the stubborn stains that have accumulated over the last couple of years and replace the pavers with rust stains.

• The Round Table has authorized the purchase of some new chairs and chaise lounges for the Pool Deck. Michele visited the manufacturer’s show room last week and ordered six chairs and six chaise lounges. They will be a close match to the ones we currently have and should be available for pickup in four weeks.

• The Bridge Inspection Report has come in and it doesn’t contain any critical damage that requires immediate repair. There is one place where under the bridge deck the rebar is exposed. This will have to be repaired sooner or later. Again this is not critical.

• Regarding 241 Ave of Barons: Last week I sent a letter to the Chairman, President & CEO of Wells Fargo Bank requesting his assistance with resolving the pending foreclosure of the old Fels property. Last Friday I retrieved a voice mail from Cheryl in the executive office of Wells Fargo requesting that I call her to discuss the letter I had sent. I returned the call on Friday but got her voice mail. Left a message for her to call me but nothing so far.

• In the last two months, we have replaced the air chuck on the tire filling station with four new fancy air chucks and each one has broken. In the last two years we have replaced a total of eleven of those things. It is the opinion of the staff that we should put a simple air chuck without a pressure gauge on it and post a sign advising residents to bring their own pressure gauge to use while filling their tires. The office could stock a supply of gauges and sell them to owners that might need one.1988justnuts

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