• Lake Report
Due to the inaccurate quarterly lab report from Sanders Labs done in March, we have switched to Benchmark Labs. Benchmark’s June report was in line with the usual results and we feel comfortable with their findings. Our in-house daily testing has shown good pH and Dissolved Oxygen levels. The Total Dissolved Solids readings are above the maximum levels that are in the permit. All municipalities have the same limit for their finished drinking water as our limits for the lake. Many drinking water systems are not able to meet the standard requirement and are able to get an exception to raise the limit. We believe that DEP will give us the same exception for our lake’s permit.

• The Landscape Committee has approved a plan to install plantings in the places at the Tennis Courts where the palms were cut down. The neighbors across the street from this area have seen and approve the plans. If anyone wishes to see what will be done there, see me after the meeting.

• The Round Table authorized the purchase of some new chairs and chaise lounges for the Pool Deck. The items have arrived and have been placed among all the other pool furniture. While they are not identical, they are a close match.

• Regarding 241 Ave of Barons: After sending a letter to the Chairman, President & CEO of Wells Fargo Bank requesting his assistance in facilitating a quick and easy purchase of the Unit #241, we have sent a check in the amount of $35,000.00 and have received the release from the mortgage and the foreclosure lawsuit. The remaining phase of fully acquiring the property is to have the County transfer the titles from Fels to Kings Gate Club. Atty. Domber is working on that now.

Kings Gate Realty has a contract to purchase the property at an attractive price. More on that later in the meeting.

• Florida Department of Health does an annually inspection of our property, facilities, inside and outside of the buildings, streets, drinking water & sanitary systems, etc. There were no deficiencies reported. The inspector always thanks us for having such a nice community.

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