SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

• Dick Lyford, in the Treasurer’s Report, mentioned a new checking account and Loan account. These are for the new building. When the Club needs to disburse funds to the builder, we will notify the bank, they will transfer the money into the checking and will increase the loan balance. The report also shows a balance in unpaid maintenance fees of a little over $34,000.00. This balance is from two units – 241 Barons, $28,000.00 and 318 Castle, $6,000.00. The balance for 241 will be recovered when the property sells and the balance for 318 will be recovered through payment by the owner or foreclosure.

• Lake Report: The dissolved oxygen in the lake is tested daily and has been well above the minimum of 5 mg/L. We continue to use Benchmark Labs for our quarterly testing and are satisfied with their work.

• The plantings at the tennis courts have been in for a month and all comments have been positive. A temporary irrigation system has been installed that will water the new plantings. Don Lamboitte has volunteered to turn on the system when needed.

• Since installing the video cameras at the pool and the spa, there have been no incidents of vandalizing. Last Friday the heater for the spa had a broken water line. It was discovered too late that day to have a technician come out to repair it. So the spa was closed over the weekend. It was repaired on Monday and is operating satisfactorily now


• Speaking of the pool, the large pallet of mulch inside the pool was delivered so Rich Ray could begin mulching the shrubs and beds around the pool. Between the rains and two water line repairs, the mulching did not begin on time. Then there was the scheduled Clubhouse floor stripping & waxing. Now that that has been finished, Rich’s next project will be to start on the mulching.

• At our last Board meeting in July, it was reported that there was a contract to purchase the unit at 241 Ave of Barons. The purchasers backed out of the deal and King’s Gate Realty is again working diligently to find another buyer for it.

• There are approximately 100 homes that have older water shutoff valves feeding each unit. One of the major projects for the summer was to replace these old ones with new brass valves. These valves are not the ones that are at your house’s foundation but the ones that are in the yard. The rains this summer have been a welcome relief from the drought conditions but the ground water has been so high that the staff has not been able to start the project. We try to do these projects in the summer to inconvenience as few people as possible; so this project probably will have to wait until next summer.

• Building Update: After numerous suggestions and several plan changes, the Building Committee presented its report to the Board of Directors on Wednesday, September 11, 2013. After a time of discussion, the Board then adopted the plans and specs authorizing the Committee to proceed to the Pre-bid meeting on Thursday, September 12, 2013. The Pre-bid meeting was held in the Activities Room. Six General Contracting firms attended the meeting and all expressed interest in the project. The bids are due back by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 27, 2013.

The Building Committee will get copies of the bids on Friday afternoon and will spend time over the weekend reviewing them. Monday, 9/30/13, the committee will meet together to begin the selection process. At least that is the plan now. But as we have learned, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. Robert Burns from his poem “To a Mouse”.

KGC is always a great source for rumors. The new building has become a rich field for this unfortunate practice. One of the latest is that there will no longer be the monthly Pancake Breakfast because the kitchen will not be equipped for this sized event. We assure you that the Building Committee, the architect and equipment suppliers have been working diligently to make sure the new stove will be more than adequate to handle a Pancake Breakfast and much more. We would appreciate it if anyone who is concerned about anything they hear would come to the office for clarification.

• The pad for the new generator was poured on Wednesday, 8/28/13. The generator was delivered Saturday, 8/30/13. The gas has been connected and the wiring (at the time of writing this) is being connected and should be finished now. The old generator should be removed soon.

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