NOVEMBER 21, 2013

• Building Update: The demolition of the courtyard has begun and should be completed in three days. The next stages will be the site work and grading for a small retention area just northwest of the water plant and prep for the footers and slab. This will begin once the construction permit is approved. The purpose of the retention area is to capture the rain water from the roof of the new building. Much of the construction permit for building has been completed. The one remaining section has been sent to the Development Review Board for their final approval.

• Lake Report: The Aquatic Systems technicians were here last week to treat the algae which they did. Some residents had pointed out that there was grass growing out into the water. They also were to treat that grass but it was too windy to areal spray and risk killing the turf in the lawns. They will address that problem next week.

• McMaster Foreclosure: We have received notice that the Judge will rule on our request for a Summary Judgment to grant the foreclosure of the unit # 318. There will be a hearing on December 16th. Each time in the past the foreclosure has reached this point in the process the daughter-in-law sends a check. This is the third time the Club has tried to foreclose on the unit.

• 8 Acres Parking Rules: Over the summer there were two cars in the 8 acres that appeared to be abandoned and neither had current license plates. After learning to whom they belonged, we were able to have them removed. There were also some pretty junky areas that have since been cleaned up. The object is to keep the area as presentable as possible. The Rules and Regulations state that “Parking areas will be assigned on an annual basis to currently licensed vehicles only.” We will be checking for expired of missing license plates in order to determine if a vehicle or trailer is abandoned. Recent grading and cleaning of the area has reduced the cluttered look and provided a few more spaces for boats and an area to build the kayak, canoe storage racks. We just received yesterday, a notice from Sarasota County that they are petitioning the court to allow them to take approximately 3 acres of the Clubs 8 acre tract. They have been threatening to do this for over ten years and it has finally happened.

• Request for an ESA: We have been asked about the status of the pending request for an Emotional Support Animal. We should know something soon but nothing definitive at this time.

• FPL Transformers: Several people have commented that the FPL transformers adjacent to the new generator are tilted and might be a danger. I reported this to FPL, a representative came out to look at the matter and called to say that this happens often and that FPL will not correct the problem unless the problem gets much worse.

• A resident phoned Kue & Karoom to request a quote to level the pool tables and replace the felt. I called the company when I received a copy of the quote and asked them to come on property to inspect the problems and give us a complete analysis of the needs for the tables. The owner of K & K was here this past Tuesday and said he would schedule the work for a Thursday & Friday either next week or the following week.

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