DECEMBER 19, 2013

• Lake Report: The Aquatic Systems technicians were here last week and treated the grasses growing out into the lake as well as treating the algae. You should notice the dieback soon. All of the chemical testing and dissolved oxygen results are within the DEP parameters. The aeration system seems to be doing its job of keeping O2 levels above 5mg/L. The semi-annual inspection of the blowers was done last and the technician reported that everything is in good shape. The motor for the big fountain in the lake has malfunctioned. It is at the motor shop in Sarasota. We do not yet know when they will have it ready.

• McMaster Foreclosure: The Judge has ruled in our favor and granted the Summary Final Judgment of Foreclosure. The auction date for the property has been set for January 28th.

• 8 Acres: Chuck Shelby and his crew have built two very nice racks for eight boats each and they have plans to erect a third rack if needed. If you need a space, see Chuck. The grading company that cleared the construction site removed five truck-loads of dirt which they put into a newly cleared area. It will accommodate several boats or most of the Fair storage movable trailers.

• The Budget Committee The committee consists of Neil Crane, Chm., Jessica Prentice, Dick Lyford and Rex Ingerick. The first meeting was held last Friday where the Pro-Forma Operating Budget and Reserve Spreadsheet were reviewed and adjusted. The next meeting will be held in early January. These meeting are open to the residents and are noticed on the Directors Notice Board at least 48 hours in advance.

• What has happened to the Water Fall at the entrance? When one of the halves of the new home at 86 King Arthur was coming through the gate, the wheels ran over the electrical boxes that control the photocell for the lighting and the water level control for the water fall. The solenoid valve has been ordered and should be here soon. That will complete the repair and the falls will run again.

• Pool Tables Kue & Karoom replaced the felt on two of the pool tables on Friday, December 6th. They plan to replace the felt on the other two tables this Friday, 12/20.

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