JANUARY 23, 2014

• Lake Report: The Lake continues to look good. The last time the technician was here he walked the shoreline spraying the grasses that were growing out into water. Some have asked if the blue dye was a one-time treatment. No, the dye is added periodically as needed but only when the lake is minimally discharging into Salt Creek. The purpose for the dye is to block some of the sun from stimulating algae growth.

• Woodshop Report: Many of the wood workers have begun turning bowls on the old lathe that is in the shop. That lathe was originally used to help construct Noah’s Ark. Or that is what Vern Crane told me. In any case, it needs replacing. A new, modern lathe with many advanced bells and whistles is in the process of being ordered and we are expecting some really beautiful creations for sale at the Fair in March. The cost will come out of the Reserve Account.

• The Budget Committee: The committee consists of Neil Crane, Chm., Jessica Prentice, Dick Lyford and Rex Ingerick. Next year’s budget is close to being final and will be mailed out to all owners the first week in February. The Board of Directors will adopt the final budget at the Board/Membership meeting on March 6th.

• The part that was ordered for the Water Fall at the entrance has arrived and should be installed this week.

• The Board has elected to change insurance agencies. We have been with the same agency for several years but the last quote on the Master Policy was much higher than a competitive quote from an established agency in Bradenton Florida. This in part helped keep our maintenance fees down.

• Speaking of changes, the Board has also changed accounting firms. The previous firm was small and the principal was not able to address our needs on a timely basis. The new firm has been in business for almost thirty years with a substantial number of association clients. The costs that he quoted us were very close to what we have been paying in the past and much lower than a competitive quote from another CPA firm.

• Just to keep you posted: The Board has received two requests for permission for support animals to visit. In both cases, these are for daughters of residents here. One was approved with the proper documentation. The other is in process of investigation.

• In the process of digging the footers for the new building, the power lines for the Card Room were damaged and there is no electricity there now. There is a possibility that power might not be restored to that room in time for the afternoon Ladies Texas Holdem Game.

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