MARCH 6, 2014

• Lake Report: With the warmer weather we are again seeing some algae growth in the lake. The technician will be here soon to take care of this latest bloom.

• 8 Acre Report: Our attorney has set up a non-binding mediation session for Sarasota County and King’s Gate Club to work out the differences in what they have paid us for that portion of the 8 acres that they took by eminent domain and what we believe it is worth. That mediation will be held on April 10th. A group of the Board of Directors will be at this session to represent the Club’s interests.

• There is a storm drain grate in the middle of King Arthur Dr. near unit #60. Due to heavy traffic, the base of the grate has become loose and tilts when traffic passes over it. Rumor has it that it makes a loud noise that wakes the residents at ungodly times of the morning. We have instructed a concrete company to make the necessary repairs.

• A contract has been given to Abbotts to demo the unit at 318 Camelot Drive. That work should begin the week after the Fair.

• You may have learned that some of you that own golf carts, may not have liability insurance on them. Many homeowner’s insurance policies and auto insurance policies do not cover liability claims as a result of damage caused by these carts. Our insurance agency, Boyd Insurance, has access to a company that will cover the liability on your residence and the golf cart as well. If you are interested in more information about this coverage, we can give you a brochure. Stop by the office.

• The fountain in the lake is now working but the nozzle disappeared when we turned it on. We are ordering a new on for it. The motor on the volcano at the south end of the lake is frozen and will be replaced. Apparently, those things are getting old enough to become a problem. We are keeping them up though because they do add to the beauty of the lake.

• The parking area in the 8 acres has been expanded to accommodate additional parking of boats and trailers. We are negotiating for re-grading, stump removal and a shell surface. This area is needed to make up for what the Club will loose when the County begins construction of their retention pond.

• The unit at 241 Avenue of Barons has been sold. The closing was earlier this week. The new owner is John Zirbel, a retired engineer.

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